Late substitute saves Horsham 3 from whitewash

Horsham 3 suffered a heavy defeat in our away fixture at Crowborough, with only super sub Julie contributing the team's solitary point.

Ian's English on board one seemed fairly even to me but on next viewing the dynamics had changed with his opponent enjoying three minor pieces plus rook against two rooks and one minor piece. There appeared to be back row prospects when given the congested nature of the black position but accurate play by his opponent negated Ian's tactics and ultimately he lost the exchange and the game.

I was quite happy with my opening on the black side of the closed French, entering the late middle game where I was a pawn up with N+2R against B+2R and looking to press on. However I badly under estimated the strength of the unopposed bishop on an open board and coupled with a missed tactic whereby one of my rooks was sidelined away from the action, this ultimately proved fatal.

I didn't see much of John's game but understand he had to give up his queen for rook and minor piece as an alternative to losing a straight pawn with a passive position. Eventually, the monarch proved the stronger.

Nick A's game saw castling on opposite wings and it seemed that he was the one doing all the pressing. Unfortunately, he then fell into a classic N and R mating net.

This left Julie (a late substitute for a flu casualty, not I am assured the dreaded C word) to salvage a vestige of honour and this she duly did, no pun intended! Her game went the full 3 hours and ten minutes with both players queening at the same time but two far flung unopposed pawns (quite possibly alongside a mating net - we didn't examine all lines) led to her opponent's concession without the need for adjudication.

Final score 1-4.

You can see the full match scorecard here.