Horsham 1 score crucial win over Worthing 1

Last Tuesday, Horsham 1 scored a crucial win over Worthing 1 in Mid-Sussex League Division 1.

Mike Forster was unable to make headway against Mike Nicholas's customary Alekhine, and so the game ended in a draw.

(Horsham 0.5 - Worthing 0.5)

Anthony Higgs's favourite Philidor proved an effective weapon against Cassie Graham, allowing him to pick up the first win of the match.

(Horsham 1.5 - Worthing 0.5)

However, Worthing struck back as Matthew Payne defeated Mark Broom in a wild game.

(Horsham 1.5 - Worthing 1.5)

James Mansson was in a position to force a draw against David Graham, but was unsure as to how Gavin Lock stood vs Dominic Miller, and so deviated to keep the game going.

Then Gavin Lock managed to beat Dominic Miller in an endgame.

(Horsham 2.5 - Worthing 1.5)

Meanwhile, James had lost control of the position, and David had some chances to win as both players ran short of time. After 62 moves, with the end of the playing session looming, David decided to call it a day, and the game was adjourned. Subsequent analysis at home soon convinced both players that the game was a draw, and so one was agreed.

(Horsham 3 - Worthing 2)

This gave Horsham victory in the match and a clear lead in Division 1.

You can see the full match scorecard here.