Horsham 2 hold Worthing 2 to a draw

Last Tuesday Horsham hosted Worthing 2. This was set to be a close match with both teams sitting mid-table and with similar ratings on all boards.

On top board Matt aimed to mix-up the position to create tension. In the end it was his opponent who came out with an extra pawn, but Matt carefully navigated the double rook endgame to hold a draw.
On board 2 Lucy generated a dangerous attack out of her Advanced French. Her opponent found all the right moves to wriggle out of it and with time massively on their side Lucy lost on the counter attack.
On board 3 Dix had a level position but White wanted peace so a draw was agreed quickly.
On board 4 Peter had managed to win a pawn going into a bishop-knight vs bishop pair endgame. Always pressing Peter seemed to have the upper hand until his opponent found tactics to win back the pawn by giving up the bishop pair. Still pressing in an opposite coloured bishop endgame Peter's opponent just found the right moves to hold the draw.
On board 5 I was playing in a King's Indian open position, I optimistically pushed on the king's side but ended up a pawn down in the centre. It was at this point I realised I was the last board playing and needed a win to get a team draw. My opponent also realised this and traded off into a Rook endgame. In mutual time trouble I played aggressively and swindled my opponent to steal a win.
This meant Horsham 2 drew 2.5-2.5 with Worthing 2.

You can see the full matchcard here https://ecflms.org.uk/lms/node/55664