Horsham 1 finish 2019 with a narrow win vs Worthing 2

Horsham 1 finished 2019 with a narrow win vs Worthing 2, which left them comfortably on top of the MSL Division 1 table.

Although the winning score was 3-2, Horsham's only loss occurred when they had already secured the match with a 3-1 scoreline.

Horsham's wins were secured by Gavin Lock and Anthony Higgs, against Joe Everett and George Neale.

Mark Broom and Mike Forster drew with Mike Nicholas and Peter Larwood.

James Mansson's game against Max Bennett was the last to finish. His earlier sacrifice of a piece had lead to an unclear situation, but later inaccuracies led to a lost position; his opponent was able finally to secure the win after a tough struggle.

You can see the full match scorecard here.