Horsham win monthly Mid-Sussex Team Blitz

David Fryer runs a blitz tournament on the last Thursday of the month on LiChess, which is open to all teams in the Mid-Sussex league. Horsham has been competing in these tournaments since they started at the start of lockdown. Every Horsham player is welcome to play, the more the merrier.
At the end of August we didn't really realise the tournament was running and with only two players - Chris and Marian - Horsham managed a very creditable 3rd.
At the end of September we were back in force with ten players playing. A tough battle ensued between Brighton and Horsham at the top. Anthony, Lucy, and Nick all had stellar performances, but Luke Rutherford was the player of the tournament and lead Brighton to victory.
This Thursday Horsham again turned up in large numbers with ten players, far more than any of the other teams. Ian and Gavin both had amazing, unbeaten performances to be the best two players in the tournament. Strong performances from Lucy, Marian, Monika, and others meant that Horsham lead the tournament from start to finish to win with a record number of points.