Serious Chess

Chess combat

There was some very interesting and combative chess in play last night and some old faces. Dave Britton popped in to confirm that he will be playing again this season despite a busy workload and children keeping him busy. He also brought the news that Gary Whitmore has moved up to Barnsley for work reasons. We will miss Gary's wit and wish him well up North.

Lucy and Anthony replayed their draw from last week's Knockout and once again Lucy overcame a huge grading discrepancy to draw once again. They had time to fit in a quick play to try and resolve the pairing and this time Anthony was victorious. Two draws against Anthony shows Lucy is a dangerous player and I am sure she will do well in the Rook. Tim and Richard also played their Knockout first round with success for Tim's Alekhine defence despite a fine opening attack from Richard.

There were a number of Rook games - Nick Warren and Alex Taylor had an eventful and interesting game which eventually ended in K v K and a draw. On the next board Phil Stimpson and Ian Comley played a dynamic game which Phil eventually converted to a win. James Mansson and Chris Heath followed an improved version of last season's game which was eventually agreed a draw. In the Bishop Dix Roberts played his first game against Roger Waddingham and managed a win.


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In the first game of the tie I was in some trouble before the usual swindle saved me. The second one was a more even affair. Lucy will be a tough proposition for anyone this season for sure...