Some dates for next season

Before you even thought of getting next year’s diary we have some key dates ready for you! Here is the proposed timetable:

Event Date
Champion Simul 4/9/12
AGM 11/9/12
Closing date for competitions 18/9/12
Quickplay 25/9/12
KO 1st round 2/10/12
KO 2nd round & Plate 6/11/12
Quickplay 18/12/12
KO 3rd round & Plate 8/1/13
KO 4th round & Plate 5/3/13
KO final & Plate 2/4/13
Lightning 16/4/13
Last week of season 25/6/13


Currently KO & Plate delays impact the other tournaments which finish late or are not completed.
I therefore propose that all KO & Plate games should be compulsory Quickplay Finish.
All games would have a result on the night and draws could be dealt with quickly
applying exactly the same rules as at present, i.e.second game reversed colours then fast replays.
Fair results would be obtained without the intervention of the pernicious Fritz!