Horsham 4 defeat St Francis 3

Dave Britton reports:

The match results from Thursday night are as follows: A good result on the night with Jon Taylor winning on his debut in the mid Sussex being the exchange up while both Richard and myself got in some time trouble but managed to secure the wins. Rons game was adjourned for further analysis which we have now conceded in a rook pawn endgame.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Board St Francis & Haywards Heath 3 Result Horsham 4
1 Martyn Hodgson (110) 0-1 Jon Taylor (-)
2 David Everett (108) 0-1 Richard Moorhouse (135)
3 Joe Thorley (98) 1-0 Ron Fletcher (130)
4 - 1-0 Default
5 Richard Mercer (99) 0-1 Dave Britton (114)