Horsham defeat St Francis and Haywards Heath in the Paul Watson Trophy

Mick Harris reports:

Horsham had an excellent win over St Francis & Haywards Heath in the semi final of the Paul Watson Cup.
Despite some manoeuvring with grades by the opponents we went through with good wins from Richard Moorhouse, Nick Warren and Mick Harris.
We will play either Lewes or Hastings in the final.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Board St Francis and Haywards Heath Result Horsham
1 Robert Fitgerald (176) 1-0 Peter Harbott (168)
2 David Curtis (123) 0-1 Mick Harris (151)
3 Roland Rattray (119) 0-1 Nick Warren (135)
4 Alex van der Becke (131) 0-1 Richard Moorhouse (135)