Tuesday Round Up

Its Tuesday

There was another busy night of chess at the club last night. Alex Taylor beat Paul Taylor after a lively game while Lucy and Nick had a theoretical struggle in the accelerated dragon where Lucy played the Maroczy Bind. After an exciting game it was finally a draw. Ian was playing White against Anthony in the Knockout and reached a tricky position where Anthony had destroyed his Kingside. He finally managed to escape with a draw and the tussle can continue next week to reach a more decisive outcome!

There were a number of casual games going on too. Richard Francis sounded like he was getting the better of David Gray judging by the groans! Chris and Tim were playing some fun chess and Tim brought along a great game from the paper where White is forced to resort to Nh1 and was finally finished by a great Rook sacrifice.

Its the Knockout/plate next week so much more great chess to come...