Horsham 3 Beat Woodpushers 2

John Cannon offered the following board by board summary of this Horsham 3 victory (aided by their opponent's default on bottom board).

Board 1 : Cannon (B) - Burgis draw (he played the Staunton Gambit v the Dutch Def., and I got an advantage which gradually disappeared as he rearranged his pieces);

Board 2 : Marshall 1-0 Bob Davidson (they reached R and opposite colour bishops each, with John 2 Ps up, but Davidson inexplicably failed to swap rooks and double two of John’s Ps, which would have reached a totally drawn position!);

Board 3: Moorhouse 1-0 Peter Preston, easily;

Board 4: Fletcher 1-0 Majid Burgh, easily;

Board 5: Harris 1-0 default.

Horsham 3 won 4 1/2 –1/2.