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Horsham 2 win Division 2 !

Winner picture

Horsham 2 fielded a strong team to completely outgrade Brighton 3 and win handsomely their final match of the season 3.5 -1.5. This seals a clear win in division 2 , only having dropped half a point all season!

We look forward to chess in division 1 next year and thanks to all the players who participated in Horsham 2 success.

A Hoare 1-0 R Jones
P Stimpson .5-.5 O Weiss
P Taylor 1-0 M Cain
P Harbott 0-1 M Hamilton
I Comley 1-0 S Chadwick

Horsham 2 set to win Division 2 !


The winner of Horsham 2 v Eastbourne 1 was always going to decide the winner of the second division and promotion to division 1 .Phil played a great game to beat Rasa and Ian played accurately to convert a slightly better position. We have 2.5 points with just Peter's game outstanding and are expecting to be claiming a win.

So barring an embaraassing disaster in the final game against lowly opposition we look well set to collect some silverware.

Horsham 2 Underpromote to Overwhelming victory!


Horsham 2 managed an impressive 4.5 - 0.5 victory against Worthing 3 last night. We completely outgraded the opposition and took good advantage with some great results.

On board 3 (Comley - Wallis) Black is threatening to mate White so I underpromoted to a knight with check! After the game Chris Heath recommended Rh5 which was much better...but the computer spotted another tactic...see if you can spot it - clue: turns out I underpromoted the wrong pawn!

Horsham 2 v Lewes 2 11/2/14


Update : Dix agrees a draw on top board bringing the final result to 4 - 1 in our favour....

Horsham 2 Away against Brighton 2

Brighton Pier

We were able to field a very strong Horsham 2 team on Thursday - so strong in fact that the captain was not able to play ;)

Chris Lowe 1/2 Dix Roberts 1/2
Mustapha Othman 0 Phil Stimpson 1
Martin Rowe 0 Paul Taylor 1
Callum Brewer 1/2 Amy Hoare 1/2
Paul Selby 1/2 Peter Harbott 1/2

Horsham 2 win 3.5- 1.5

Update : Paul Taylor was successful in his adjudication and this resulted in a nice overall result

Horsham 2 v Args 3/12


An excellent result last night against the Args with the added amusement of live pub music in the background :)

1. Dix Roberts drew with P Farr
2. Phil Stimpson drew with J Graham
3. Paul Taylor drawn with P Kington
4. Peter Harbott beat D Collard
5. I Comley beat I M Garson

So the score stands as 3-1 with Paul choosing to claim either a win or a draw in the adjudication!

Update : draw agreed

Horsham 2 beat East Grinstead


Horsham 2 performed well against East Grinstead and have already won with one game outstanding...

Horsham 2 v Hastings 3

Update : Horsham 2 draw with Hastings 3 thanks to Peter Harbott amazing swindle!

Horsham 2 v Horsham 3

Horsham 2 were pleased with the final result which starts a season which will hopefully result in Horsham 2 promotion. Horsham 3 are a force to be reckoned with...

Horsham 2 finish season with victory

Horsham 2 are poised for a win following our final match of the season against Hastings & SL 2. A tight match went down to the wire with the last few minutes proving crucial...


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