If you are an adult or teenage player looking to join the adult club or have any other query please use the form below.

If you are the parent of a junior player, as of June 2023 there is currently a very large waiting list for children to join the junior club who are relative beginners, as it takes more resources for us to train them than if they are already stronger players. If they know the moves but have not had much experience beyond this then our junior coach can add them to the waiting list but it could be several months currently before places become available. We can fast track them into the junior club as stronger players if:

  1. they have an existing and up-to-date English Chess Federation rating from previous play
  2. they are playing at a high enough level on online chess via or to show their current standard
  3. they progress from the beginners group at Sussex Junior Chess training - see here for upcoming training sessions.

If this is the case please get in contact via the form below.