Lightning Tournament 2024

Horsham's annual 10-second per move buzzer chess competition took place last night, with the usual frenetic chaos and the occasional good move thrown in!

With a healthy 25 entrants we had three qualifying groups with the usual headaches as to who should make the final - fortunately we had no ties to break within the groups themselves so the qualifiers were as follows:

Finalists: Mike Forster & James McGrath (both 6.5/7)
Other group winner (3rd place): Anthony Higgs (7/8)

Other players to score 50% or more were:

Mark Broom (6/7)
Alex Taylor (5.5/7)
John Marshall (5/7)
Robert McDonald (5/7)
Ian Comley (5/8)
Daniel Miller (5/8)
Guy Turvey (4.5/8)
James Mansson (4.5/8)
Jordy Savill (4.5/8)
Tim Pavlovic (3.5/7)

The final was contested between Mike Forster and James McGrath (see photo above), the latter in his first ever Horsham Lightning! James put up a stiff fight but a win for Mike in the first game was too much to overcome and he took the title with 1.5/2. Congratulations Mike!

We aim to have some more non-standard chess formats featuring in July as we approach the end of the season, watch this space...