Summer Events 2024

Horsham Chess Club is staying open until the 23rd July and we are going to be running more summer competitions this year. If you wish to take part in one of these competitions you just need to turn up on the night. Please arrive at 7:30pm for registration and the competitions will start at 7:45pm. There will also be space for those finishing Knock-Out matches or wanting to play casual chess instead. These events are:

960: On the 25th June and the 2nd July Jordy and Rob will be running a 960 tournament like they did last year. In 960 the rules of chess are the same, but the positions of where pieces start on the back row vary. In each round you will have a new starting position to try.

Blitz: On the 9th July we will be holding a 10-round blitz tournament. The time control will be 5 minutes and no increment. You do not have play every game, if 10 games sounds daunting.

Exchange: On the 16th July we will be playing this exciting doubles variant. If your partner captures a piece on their board you can put it on as a move on your board. Pawns cannot go on the 1st or 8th rank. As soon as one player wins their team wins. To ensure fairness, no players in the Rook can be partners. You can find a partner in advance or find a partner on the evening.

Analysis Evening: On the 23rd July we will be looking over games from the season. Bring along your best or most interesting game to have a look at and get thoughts from some of the best players in the club.