Horsham 2 set to win Division 2 !


The winner of Horsham 2 v Eastbourne 1 was always going to decide the winner of the second division and promotion to division 1 .Phil played a great game to beat Rasa and Ian played accurately to convert a slightly better position. We have 2.5 points with just Peter's game outstanding and are expecting to be claiming a win.

So barring an embaraassing disaster in the final game against lowly opposition we look well set to collect some silverware.

P Stimpson 1-0 Rasa Norinkeviciutie
P.Taylor 0-1 Oli Froom
P Harbott 1-0 Adrian Pickersgill
I.Comley 1-0 Paul Carpenter
LJ Cannon .5 -.5 Mick Reddie

Horsham 2 wins 3.5-1.5