Horsham 2 Underpromote to Overwhelming victory!


Horsham 2 managed an impressive 4.5 - 0.5 victory against Worthing 3 last night. We completely outgraded the opposition and took good advantage with some great results.

On board 3 (Comley - Wallis) Black is threatening to mate White so I underpromoted to a knight with check! After the game Chris Heath recommended Rh5 which was much better...but the computer spotted another tactic...see if you can spot it - clue: turns out I underpromoted the wrong pawn!

Paul Taylor 1-0 Arthur Graham
Peter Harbott 1-0 Cassie Graham
Ian Comley 1-0 Dave Wallis
John Cannon 0.5 - 0.5 Ben Simpson
Chris Heath 1-0 Phil Crompton