Frustrating Draw for Horsham 1 against Bexhill 1

Horsham 1 faced a new opponent in the form of freshly-promoted Bexhill 1. Travelling to their opponents' venue above a furnature shop in fair Bexhill (complete, at one point, with howling dogs in the distance), Horsham were up against a team they ought to beat comfortably, but things didn't go quite to plan.

Andrew Fleming and Mike Forster played out what looked like a pretty solid draw, as Andrew played an unambitious line as White against Mike's Sicilian.

Horsham 1 vs Bexhill 1 match score: 0.5 - 0.5

James Mansson gained a solid advantage as White out of the opening, as his opponent, Steve Blewitt, played an inferior defence against his Anti-Gruenfeld. However, he then started playing somewhat aimlessly, which combined with time trouble, caused him to get into some difficulties. Fortunately for him, his opponent was not too ambitious, and allowed a repetition of the position, leading to a draw.

Horsham 1 vs Bexhill 1 match score: 1 - 1

Anthony Higgs played the Czech Benoni as Black against Leo Woning, and the position gradually turned in his favour. Having achieved a winning position, he calculated the decisive break accurately, forcing his opponent's resignation in short order.

Horsham 1 vs Bexhill 1 match score: 2 - 1

Gavin Lock played the London System as White against Janis Petersons, leading to a complex game. At one point he seemed to have the better of it, but then things became less clear. He rejected a draw, not being sure about the match situation and unable to check as he was short of time. However, he then managed to lose on time in an unclear situation.

Horsham 1 vs Bexhill 1 match score: 2 - 2

The final result was therefore a somewhat disappointing draw. None the less it was interesting to face a different team for once, rather than the usual opposition!

Home Player
(Bexill 1)
Result Away Player
(Horsham 1)
Janis Petersons (B) 1-0 Gavin Lock (W)
Andrew Fleming (W) 0.5-0.5 Mike Forster (B)
Steve Blewitt (B) 0.5-0.5 James Mansson (W)
Leo Woming (W) 0-1 Anthony Higgs (B)