Horsham 2 Draw with Bexhill

Chess Pieces

Horsham 2 had another successful evening on Friday with a good draw against Bexhill maintaining our 4th position in Division 1.

We were slightly out graded on every board but we had some good games. Peter Harbott was first to finish with his standard Petrov converting into a Four Knights which seemed pretty level for most of the game but his opponent got the better in the end and scored a good win. Next to finish was Phil Stimpson playing a talented youngster who kept trying to push for the win but in the end it was a draw. On bottom board Bob Lanzer had had the better of his Modern Benoni position but then came under a strong attack with an eventual draw. So Bexhill was leading 2 points to 1.

This left me playing an endgame with everyone watching and both me and my opponent playing on increment. Its fair to say it wasnt perfect chess but I had the better of the position before out of the blue their team captain announced that the playing time was up and we needed to adjudicate. By this time my opponent had a Bishop and King against my two advancing passed pawns and my well placed King. After a short look on his phone he conceded and we had pulled off a good draw.

As I mentioned this means Horsham 2 remain temporarily in fourth position. We have played 10 games, won 4, drawn 2, lost 4. Our final game is at home against Lewes on 23rd April.