Horsham 1 defeat Crowborough 1 away

Horsham 1 continued their good run with an away win against Crowborough 1.

Gavin Lock defeated Arjun Kolani on top board in a well-played Ruy Lopez. Mark Broom overcame Arran Airlie with his customary Petroff. James Mansson and Jon Lawrance contested a lively game, where, as time started to run down for both players, James had multiple chances to secure a winning advantage, then played a rash piece sacrifice which should have lost; fortunately for him it didn't, as he managed to confuse his opponent with another dramatic, but unsound sacrifice, and play ended up in a drawn position when the time for adjournment was reached (see here for a more detailed analysis of the game). Anthony Higgs played out what looked like a solid draw with Oliver Stockham on bottom board.

The final result was therefore 3-1 in Horsham's favour.