Horsham 1 score fine win over Worthing 1

Horsham 1 scored a fine away win over Worthing 1 last night.

First to finish was Mark Broom, who was up against Russell Granat with Black on board two. His position look passive to start with, but he managed to launch a counter-attack to exploit his opponent's over-extension, winning material and forcing resignation.

The score was now 1-0 in Horsham 1's favour.

Next was James Mansson; he was White against Peter Larwood on board two. He gained a slight advantage out of the opening; this expanded to a large advantage and a winning position, after a couple of errors from his opponent. Some accurate calculation led to a position where he was winning a piece, so his opponent promptly resigned.

The score was now 2-0 in Horsham 1's favour.

Anthony Higgs was Black against Nick Skinner on board four. He played the Czech Benoni and was able to gradually build up a strong position. He reduced his opponent to a condition of helplessness, unable to find a move, and forced his resignation.

The score was now 3-0 in Horsham 1's favour.

Gavin Lock's game against "supersub" Dave Graham was last to finish. It was a tense encounter, with both players going down to playing on the increment. Gavin looked to be winning, but Dave was able to scramble out into a position with R+2B vs R+B+2P; this may well have been a draw, although Gavin still had his chances, but just before the end of the playing session, Gavin swapped rooks, and so the game was agreed drawn pretty soon after adjournment.

The final score was therefore 3.5-0.5 in Horsham 1's favour, getting them back on track following the disappointing loss against Eastbourne 1.