Horsham 2 continue their good start in Division 1

Horsham 2 faced a tough match on paper with the visit of Brighton 1 on Tuesday. Despite missing three of their regular players, Brighton still out-graded us heavily on the top four boards so it was a marvellous effort by our players to secure a very creditable 2½-2½ draw.
Peter was the first to finish – his Torre Attack lead to a very blocked position and a draw was agreed after 21 moves with all the pieces bar two bishops still on the board! Alex was next to finish having won a pawn fairly early on followed by another, before mating Paul Selby to give us the lead in the match.
Anthony played very carefully with the black pieces against a formidable opponent in Brian Denman and accepted the offer of a draw. Brighton appeared to have the advantage in the remaining two games, however Paul Taylor defended a Rook & 3 pawns v. Rook & 4 pawns ending very aggressively and Simon Wilks who was under time pressure offered a draw and this got us to 2½ points!
Phil had faced a strong attack against his king and had to give up the exchange but he fought back well and built up some pressure getting a passed pawn to the 6th rank but in the final position did not have quite enough.
Anthony Higgs (179) ½-½ Brian Denman (207)
Peter Harbott (178) ½-½ Calum Brewer (188)
Phil Stimpson (173) 0-1 John Henshaw (181)
Paul Taylor (173) ½-½ Simon Wilks (177)
Alex Freeland (172) 1-0 Paul Selby (156)


Ian Comley's picture

What a great result...and full credit to Tim for collecting the opposition from Brighton!