Horsham 4 victory!

Its Tuesday

Horsham 4 saw a pretty comprehensive victory tonight against East Grinstead with good wins for Zevon, Richard and John with Julie and Nick drawing. In contrast Horsham 2 started the evening with a default on bottom board and Lucy played an excellent game on board 4. But Phil lost to an impressive Ian Kelly and Dix's strong attack didnt quite pay off and finally Anthony missed a tactic in a strong position. So Woodpushers won despite their default.

In the Rook James beat Paul Taylor to return to winning form.


Thanks for posting this Ian and for crediting me with a win. Unfortunately that wasn't so. Along with Nick, my result was a draw, thus giving us a 4 - 1 win overall. This lifts us into 2nd place in Division 4 with 4 wins and 1 loss from 5 matches.