Horsham 1 suffer home defeat against Worthing 1

Horsham 1 were defeated at home by Worthing 1 last Tuesday.

Horsham 1 fell behind with James Mansson losing quickly after a couple of mistakes as White in a sharp Sicilian Dragon.

Matt Forster also lost as he fell into a bad position as Black against his opponent's Grand Prix Attack and was unable to recover.

Anthony Higgs pulled one back, as he unearthed a brilliant continuation to turn around a bad position.

The top and bottom board games were unfinished on the night, but subsequent analysis showed them both to be drawn.

This gave Worthing a 3-2 win.

The full score of the match is given below:

Board Horsham 1 (Home) Result Lewes 1 (Away)
1 Gavin Lock 1/2-1/2 Matthew Payne
2 James Mansson 0-1 David Graham
3 Matt Forster 0-1 David Grant
4 Anthony Higgs 1-0 Michael Nicholas
5 Paul Taylor 1/2-1/2 Nicholas Skinner

Note that Horsham 1, as the home team, were White on even-numbered boards.


Anthony Higgs's picture

...for the kind words, one of my better efforts! Have probably used up my quota of decent moves for the season...