Season Start Up Reminders

Peak Season is coming , get ready, get busy

When the season starts we need to do some admin to set ourselves up for the season (boring klaxon).

A few things to make sure we do :

1. Pay your subs to the new treasurer James Mansson or directly by BACS - its only £55 for an adult
2. Renew your ECF membership - all chess players need to have this membership and it covers the grading costs. A couple of players overlooked this last year and the club has been charged a fee so we are really tightening up on this.
3. Let me know your non availability dates - I need to submit them to the MSL so that fixtures can be arranged

And if you fancy a good read about the club click on the history tab on this site and read John Cannon's superb History of Horsham Chess Club.

See you Tuesday!


James Mansson's picture

Note that the BACS details will not have changed from last year as the club bank account is the same.