Horsham defeat Kent

The final result of the Sussex - Kent match last Saturday is not yet known. The score stands at 7.5-7.5, with the top board game unresolved. Feliks made a claim for a draw in the quickplay finish, and the matter is going for arbitration. However, whatever the result of the match overall, the Horsham players, competing at their home venue, did achieve a crushing 5-1 victory in their mini-match against their Kent counterparts. The full details are given below

Board Horsham Result Kent
4 James Mansson (192) Draw Ian Snape (213)
9 Brian Donnelly (181) Draw Ben Spink (190)
11 Anthony Higgs (179) 1-0 Rohan Shiatis (184)
13 Paul Taylor (176) 1-0 Stuart Williams (179)
15 Dix Roberts (170) 1-0 David Tucker (176)
16 John Cannon (153) 1-0 David Barnes (163)


Anthony Higgs's picture

John had won in the blink of an eye with a double check tactic before I was out of the opening!

Ian Comley's picture

Well done to all involved - especially since all the Horsham players were outgraded...