Visit to London Chess Classic

Anthony Higgs, Mark Baldock, John Marshall, Paul Kington and I met up at today's London Chess Classic to watch Mickey Adams beat the world champion - it is well worth a visit and there were many other MSL players there too.

Horsham 2 lose to Brighton 1

From the Mid Sussex League website:

Board 2 is adjourned. A predictable win for Brighton & Hove 1 who greatly out-gunned their visitors, but a noteworthy win for Anthony Higgs over Luke Rutherford on board 1.

Anthony supplied the following report:

Horsham 4 defeat Brighton 6

Dave Britton reports:

A good result on the night, I didn't get a chance to look at all the games as I had a disastrous opening with black but managed to produce a 5 move forced checkmate with rook, bishop & knight. Julie got a bishop up in the endgame when opponent resigned which secured us the win.

Half way through the season and still on schedule for the top 4 finish I'm hoping for so Horsham 4 can stay in the 3rd Division next season when it splits into 4 Divisions.

Horsham 5 lose away to St Francis 2

Horsham 5 lost away to St Francis & Haywards Heath 2 on the 22nd November by the decisive margin of 4-1.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

What a game!

Fantastic game at the London Chess Classic!

Two queens and an under promotion...well worth a look.

London Chess Classic

The London Chess Classic is under way with its usual high level players and the opportunity to follow it online.

The main site is at:

Live games can be followed here -

Live commentary is here -

Junior success for Matt & co

HJCC's current junior champion Matt Forster won the British U11 Rapidplay in Leeds with 5/5 last weekend.

Horsham 4 win convincingly against Woodpushers 3

David Britton reports:

Woodpushers fielded 4 juniors on the night and there were some back rank issues for some which Gary and Julie took advantage of. Paul was the first to wrap up and I followed shortly after due to the juniors playing too quick while Ron secured the draw against their only senior.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Updated Nominations

Update in terms of nominated players:

Horsham: With effect from 22nd November, Paul Taylor is nominated for the 1st team and Ian Comley is nominated for the 2nd team. Paul Richardson is nominated for the 4th team from 28th November.

Nominated players cannot play for a lower team ie Paul can only play for first team; Ian first and second and Paul for 1,2,3 or 4

Horsham 3 gain a convincing win over Lewes 2

Mick Harris reports:

Horsham 3 gained a convincing win over the visiting Lewes 2 last night.

John Cannon accepted a Kings Gambit and never looked in trouble, whilst Mick Harris found a Kingside onslaught from an Open Sicilian to be decisive.

Next, Richard Moorhouse wrapped up a neat win of a piece and the game, and John Marshall secured the match with excellent endgame play. Last to finish was Nick Warren who was down to a Bishop and Pawns endgame – but his opponent’s passed pawn proved too much.


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