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This is a very good site! Especially look out for today's game where Anand demolishes Aronian.

"A chess dispute"

I saw this on tv and thought it might amuse you - a 1903 film of just one minute.

Horsham 4 defeat St Francis 3

Dave Britton reports:

The match results from Thursday night are as follows: A good result on the night with Jon Taylor winning on his debut in the mid Sussex being the exchange up while both Richard and myself got in some time trouble but managed to secure the wins. Rons game was adjourned for further analysis which we have now conceded in a rook pawn endgame.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Horsham 2 avoid whitewash

Not a very impressive headline but we were up against a very strong Worthing first team.

Horsham 5 match against Uckfield 2 in the balance

Roger Waddingham reports on the Horsham 5 vs Uckfield 2 match from last Tuesday:

It's in the balance. A stirling win by our 'secret weapon', Matthew, who showed good endgame skill in a balanced encounter. Two other losses and a draw from Mark Baldock that was oh so close to being a win. Finally, board 1 has been adjourned, with some hope of claiminmg a win according to Richard Barrowclough. This would gain us a hard won, and much needed, half point.

UPDATE: A draw was agreed on board one, leaving the result 3-2 in Uckfield 2's favour.

Knockout on Tuesday

This Tuesday is scheduled for another Knockout round and I have copied the outstanding games for your convenience. Please remember that Horsham 2 and Horsham 5 have home matches so it is worth checking that your opponent is free.

Junior chess returns

Horsham Junior Chess Club will restart next Tuesday 8th January at the usual time of 6:25-7:25pm. A note to parents...

Merry Christmas!

We wish you all a very merry xmas and hope all your sacrifices will be sound next year!

We thought this lovely picture of Alexandria Kosteniuk, the 12th Woman's World Champion, would be appropriately festive!

Horsham defeat St Francis and Haywards Heath in the Paul Watson Trophy

Mick Harris reports:

Horsham had an excellent win over St Francis & Haywards Heath in the semi final of the Paul Watson Cup.
Despite some manoeuvring with grades by the opponents we went through with good wins from Richard Moorhouse, Nick Warren and Mick Harris.
We will play either Lewes or Hastings in the final.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Season's Greetings

Girl plays chess with cat

A great evening of chess last Tuesday with 3 semifinalists safely in place and lots of mince pies consumed.

That is our final club meeting of the year and we will all meet again on Tuesday 8 January 2013 when Horsham 2 will be playing Worthing 1 and Horsham 5 take on Uckfield 2. I am only aware of Chris Heath playing at Hastings but I am sure there must be more! Keep an eye on the website for any updates over the xmas break.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and offer you some seasonal good will:


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