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A game of 2 halves - and a win in extra time for Horsham 3

Horsham 3 recently hosted Brighton and Hove 3 and despite being caught offside on a couple of occasions, ran out 3-2 winners. Ian and Nick, both with the Black pieces, were outplayed to leave us 0 - 2 before half time.
The second half was hard fought and saw Tim and Chris, both with the White pieces -- and almost identical attacks following their Closed Sicilian openings -- slowly gain ground. Chris won a piece late on, and Tim turned a solid draw into an excellent win. 2-2

Horsham 3 kick off with an away win

Horsham 3 travelled to Hastings (29 Oct) and beat their 3rd team by 3 -2.
Excellent wins for Paul Taylor & Nick Warren and a great result for Horsham. Full results are:

(165) J Wheeler 0 - 1 Paul Taylor (166)
(158) P Kelly draw Ian Comley (165)
(E150) M Bryant 1 - 0 Roy Page (155E)
(132) D Cosens 0 - 1 Nick Warren (152)
(134) J Hudson draw Mick Harris (148)

Breathing space for Horsham 3....

Horsham 3 gained a welcome 4-1 win over local rivals East Grinstead 1 to ease their league position dilemma, and move clear of the relegation zone.

Nick Warren set us on our way with a sparkling miniature, before Tim Pavlovic and John Marshall secured the match with excellent wins.

Full results:
Ian Dennis (153) draw Chris Heath (151)
Adrian Waldock (136) draw Mick Harris (141)
Dave Simpkins (126) 0 - 1 Nick Warren (143)
Grau Christian (115) 0 - 1 John Marshall (140)
Suzanne Marshall (84) 0 - 1 Tim Pavlovic (147)

Horsham 3 lose the Argument 3-2 -- Pointless!

In a crucial Division 2 match, Horsham 3 lost to the Argumentatives last Tuesday 3 - 2. This leaves both teams towards the foot of the table with 2 points each and 2 games to play. The only win came from The Args top board, Peter Farr graded185. The remaining 4 games were drawn. Full result:
Chris Heath (151) 0 - 1 Peter Farr (185)
Mick Harris (141) draw Jim Graham (170)
Nick Warren (143) draw Paul Kington (145)
John Marshall (140) draw Dennis Collard (107)
Richard Moorhouse (144) draw Mike Garson (100)

Eastbourne 1 v Horsham 3 -- Friday 31 January


In awful weather conditions we made our Friday night excursion to Eastbourne,where we met highly graded opponents,who gave us a sound beating.
All games were still going after 2 hours – showing a valiant fighting spirit – but we were material down in every game.
Richard Moorhouse gained us our only score – shortly before Chris Heath finally resigned as time was called.
My thanks to all players, especially the drivers, who met driving wind and rain, hidden water deluges and road closures and diversions on the way home.

Horsham 3 ease to victory against Worthing 3

Horsham 3 won a second match within 5 days. This time against a spirited Worthing side who gained some valuable grading points. John Marshall and debutante Tim Pavlovic provided us with victories, whilst the top 3 boards drew.
Our next match will be away to Eastbourne 1at the end of January.
Full match details are:
Chris Heath (146) draw David Chilvers (135)
Mick Harris (146) draw Cassie Graham (125)
Nick Warren (143) draw David Wallis (126)
John Marshall (144) 1 - 0 Keith Guinness (113)
Tim Pavlovic ( 140e) 1 - 0 Phil Crompton (112)

Welcome Win for Horsham 3 away to Brighton & Hove

Horsham 3 registered its first point of the season with a convincing win over Brighton and Hove 3.
Chris Heath easily held Robin Jones in a Sicilian, before John Marshall, playing the Sicilian as Black (!!?) gained a piece and a first win for Horsham. This was followed by Richard's subtle sacrificial tactics on the Q side duping his opponent to succumb to a Kingside attack and defeat.

Horsham 3 struggle v Lewes 2

Our visit to Lewes sees us at 2-2, with one match under review.
Individual Results:
Barry Maufe (163) 1 - 0 Ian Comley (160)
James Pullan (147) 0 - 1 Mick Harris (146)
Richard Welford (144) draw Nick Warren (143)
Daniel Brooks (137) draw Bob Lanzer (143)
Matthew Britnell (134) A - A Richard Moorhouse (140)

The game under review shows us behind on material in an endgame -- but I'm in touch with Magnus for his views!

Match Result : Horsham 3 lose 2 –3 to Uckfield 1

A much awaited (twice postponed) match finally took place – and an out of form Horsham team lost their second match of the season. Nevertheless ...

Worthing 2 v Horsham 3 -- creditable performance against the League Champions.

Match standing at Worthing 2 – 1 Horsham . Potential final result = Draw 2.5 – 2.5

Horsham visited the League winners,Worthing 2 last night..


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