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Horsham 3 ease to victory against Worthing 3

Horsham 3 won a second match within 5 days. This time against a spirited Worthing side who gained some valuable grading points. John Marshall and debutante Tim Pavlovic provided us with victories, whilst the top 3 boards drew.
Our next match will be away to Eastbourne 1at the end of January.
Full match details are:
Chris Heath (146) draw David Chilvers (135)
Mick Harris (146) draw Cassie Graham (125)
Nick Warren (143) draw David Wallis (126)
John Marshall (144) 1 - 0 Keith Guinness (113)
Tim Pavlovic ( 140e) 1 - 0 Phil Crompton (112)

Welcome Win for Horsham 3 away to Brighton & Hove

Horsham 3 registered its first point of the season with a convincing win over Brighton and Hove 3.
Chris Heath easily held Robin Jones in a Sicilian, before John Marshall, playing the Sicilian as Black (!!?) gained a piece and a first win for Horsham. This was followed by Richard's subtle sacrificial tactics on the Q side duping his opponent to succumb to a Kingside attack and defeat.

Horsham 3 struggle v Lewes 2

Our visit to Lewes sees us at 2-2, with one match under review.
Individual Results:
Barry Maufe (163) 1 - 0 Ian Comley (160)
James Pullan (147) 0 - 1 Mick Harris (146)
Richard Welford (144) draw Nick Warren (143)
Daniel Brooks (137) draw Bob Lanzer (143)
Matthew Britnell (134) A - A Richard Moorhouse (140)

The game under review shows us behind on material in an endgame -- but I'm in touch with Magnus for his views!

Match Result : Horsham 3 lose 2 –3 to Uckfield 1

A much awaited (twice postponed) match finally took place – and an out of form Horsham team lost their second match of the season. Nevertheless ...

Worthing 2 v Horsham 3 -- creditable performance against the League Champions.

Match standing at Worthing 2 – 1 Horsham . Potential final result = Draw 2.5 – 2.5

Horsham visited the League winners,Worthing 2 last night..

Horsham 3 v Woodpushers 1

Horsham 3 v Woodpushers 1 -- Match Score 3-0 with two unfinished games

Horsham 3 hosted Woodpushers 1 in a Division 2 match last night (02 April), and won the match thanks to some quick wins – especially Jonathan Taylor who mated his opponent in 13 moves !
Full results :...

Hastings 3 v Horsham 3 – match score 2-2 with one adjudication

Hastings fielded a very strong side on their top boards and the match depends on the outcome of the board 1 clash...

Horsham 3 Beat Woodpushers 2

John Cannon offered the following board by board summary of this Horsham 3 victory (aided by their opponent's default on bottom board).

Honours even in hard fought Division 2 match

Horsham 3 visited The Args last night and the match ended as a draw 2.5 – 2.5.
We were outgraded heavily on the top 2 boards ....

Horsham 3 v Brighton 3

We hosted Brighton last night and the match hangs in the balance !
Nick Warren scored a crushing win against the higher graded Arthur de Silva to put us ahead, before John Cannon went down fighting in time trouble. John Marshall rescued a half point even though the exchange down to leave the match all square.


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