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Horsham 4 vs Uckfield 2 - 5-0!

Unfortunately Uckfield were not able to field a full team for this match which gave us a 2 game lead but we still needed at least the one game, you never know...

Horsham 4th vs Crowborough 2nd

Facing a very strong Crowborough 2nd team with an 88 point advantage our guys faced a tough challenge indeed (I hid a few tables away!).

Horsham 4th vs Woodpushers 1st - 2-3 loss

On a very wet Wednesday evening the Horsham 4th headed over to Hove to face Woodpushers 1st, our team Bob Lanzer, Melusi, Julie, Roger Waddingham and myself were out graded on nearly every board but I was still hopeful for a good result.

Horsham 4 beat Eastbourne 2

Horsham 4 have done a great job of defeating Eastbourne 2 3-2 ...well done to them especially on a wet and windy Friday night !

Horsham 4 lose to East Grinstead 2 in a night of blunders

Dave Britton reports:

The first blunder was from me as once again we had white on evens,

Jon lost the exchange and soon after the game in a queens Indian with neither player castling, Julie had time trouble and missed the opportunity to equalise with RxR+ before Norman exchanged the last pair of Rooks and gained a piece. Gary got his bishop trapped in a difficult position while in my game Bob allowed me to fork both Knights with Queen by move 11 in a Sicilian-French

Horsham 4 defeat Brighton 5

Horsham 4 defeated Brighton 5 at Brighton 3.5-1.5.

The individual scores were:

Bd. 1: Gee, Kevin (118) 1-0 Taylor, Jonathan (143)
Bd. 2: Chadwick, Susan E (110) 0-1 Denning, Julie (122)
Bd. 3: Counsell, Robert (107) 0-1 Britton, David (107)
Bd. 4: Simpson, Darren (-) 0-1 Richardson, Paul (119)
Bd. 5: Caswill, Andrew (101) Draw Waddingham, Roger (114)

Horsham 4 draw with Eastbourne 2

Dave Britton reports:

Horsham 4 2.5 - 2.5 Eastbourne 2

Melusi Nkomo (131) 0-1 Chris Hutton (119)
Ron Fetcher (128) 1-0 John Moore (127)
Laurence Draper (125) 1-0 Steve Baldwin (118)
Julie Denning (121) Draw Doug Stevenson (117)
Paul Richardson (119) 0-1 Mick Elgin (115)

Horsham 4 lose to Worthing 4

Dave Britton reports:

We had a grading advantage on most boards but it was not to be our night.

Worthing 4 3.5 - 1.5 Horsham 4

David Wallis (120) 1-0 Jonathan Taylor (143)
Keith Guinness (118) 1-0 Ron Fletcher (128)
Ben Simpson (114) 1-0 Julie Denning (121)
Phil Cromptom (112) 0-1 Dave Britton (107)
Jason Rose (97) Draw Paul Richardson (119)

Horsham 4 v St Francis & Haywards Heath 2

Horsham 4 defeat St Francis 3

Dave Britton reports:

The match results from Thursday night are as follows: A good result on the night with Jon Taylor winning on his debut in the mid Sussex being the exchange up while both Richard and myself got in some time trouble but managed to secure the wins. Rons game was adjourned for further analysis which we have now conceded in a rook pawn endgame.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:


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