Horsham 5 make it 4 wins from 4

Another win for the 5th team leaves us sitting pretty at the top of Div 4 going into
The seasons break,
An entertaining night at Haywards Heath with Tony Locke winning comfortably early on!
With that in mind I set out on a Bishop & Knight exchange for a Rook and three pawns which David did not except and settled on being a pawn down (wise decision) We agreed a draw soon after. Peters game looked stale with no breakthrough for either player without giving up punishable concessions, so a draw was agreed, Ron was not happy with his tricky Latvian opening and looked lost but as the game pressed on Ron showed patience and composure to secure a draw. Richard was last to finish with his game looking even and only 1/2 point needed to win the match Richard offered a draw which was excepted.

3 2
(119)David Britton 1/2 David Curtis. 1/2 (124)
(109)Ron Fletcher 1/2 David Everitt. 1/2 (104)
(107)Peter Helliwell 1/2 Chris Baldry. 1/2 (88)
(106)Richard Barrowclough 1/2 Richard Mercer. 1/2 (96)
(101)Tony Locke 1 Roger Crouch. 0 (/)


Anthony Higgs's picture

Nice one Dave, much better start than last year! Now keep going and get that promotion...