Horsham 2 win Division 2 !

Winner picture

Horsham 2 fielded a strong team to completely outgrade Brighton 3 and win handsomely their final match of the season 3.5 -1.5. This seals a clear win in division 2 , only having dropped half a point all season!

We look forward to chess in division 1 next year and thanks to all the players who participated in Horsham 2 success.

A Hoare 1-0 R Jones
P Stimpson .5-.5 O Weiss
P Taylor 1-0 M Cain
P Harbott 0-1 M Hamilton
I Comley 1-0 S Chadwick


Anthony Higgs's picture

Great to see Horsham 2 back in the top flight!

James Mansson's picture

Well done!

Horsham 1 vs Horsham 2 will be very interesting next season, not least to see who ends up on either side!