Horsham 2 lose to Brighton 1

From the Mid Sussex League website:

Board 2 is adjourned. A predictable win for Brighton & Hove 1 who greatly out-gunned their visitors, but a noteworthy win for Anthony Higgs over Luke Rutherford on board 1.

Anthony supplied the following report:

Horsham 2 put up a brave fight against Brighton 1 on Thursday night after losing the toss. Nick looked fine for a long time, getting one of his favourite Dragon-like structures and seeing mass exchanges, but John Henshaw's queen and rook got active and put Brighton one up. Next was Ian, seeing off Brian Denman's inital forays forward against his French before sacrificing a pawn and seeing Brian's bishop pair take command in the endgame. John held on against Geoff James and looked like being rewarded with a draw, before unfortunately blundering into a pawn fork right at the death. Peter battled a cold and a late arrival to snaffle a pawn in typical Harbottian style, but this time he couldn't hold on to it and Ezra Kirk gradually pushed him back into a bishop ending where Peter could barely move. This just left me to fight for some respectability to the score - Luke Rutherford correctly sacrificed the exchange for a powerful pawn front but I marshalled my pieces well and crashed through on the kingside before the pawn armada could promote. Congratulations to Brighton who once again look like the team to beat in Division 1.

UPDATE: Peter has resigned his game.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Board Brighton 1 Result Horsham 2
1 Luke Rutherford (213) 0-1 Anthony Higgs (164)
2 Ezra Kirk (-) 1-0 Peter Harbott (168)
3 Brian Denman (190) 1-0 Ian Comley (161)
4 Geoffrey James (189) 1-0 John Cannon (148)
5 John Henshaw (185) 1-0 Nick Warren (135)