2012-13 Season

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Horsham 4th vs Woodpushers 1st - 2-3 loss

On a very wet Wednesday evening the Horsham 4th headed over to Hove to face Woodpushers 1st, our team Bob Lanzer, Melusi, Julie, Roger Waddingham and myself were out graded on nearly every board but I was still hopeful for a good result.

Summer holiday tactics

While the club may have closed for the summer, some members are still chessing despite the heatwave! The diagram (Black to play) shows a recent position from a junior training session with yours truly as White and one of HJCC's brightest talents Oliver Thorne as Black, which I thought followers of the website might enjoy...

Horsham players do battle at Weald Congress

Several Horsham players, adult and junior alike, entered the local Weald Congress held at Copthorne Prep School last weekend...

Amy represents England in Slovenia

Amy Hoare has been out in Slovenia recently representing England in the European Team Under 18 Girls Championships...

Matthew's success continues...

Matthew continues to make waves in the junior chess world - this time he was scoring 5.5 in the national schools Southern Gigafinal in Reading...

HJCC competition winners

Those of you who were at the last HJCC of the term last Tuesday will have heard the winners, for those who have not here are the top 5...

Lewis Chess Piece

I found myself at the British museum yesterday and couldnt resist coming away with this Lewis piece - a bishop in case you were wondering.

The original set is 12th century and almost certainly made in Norway. Magnus Carlsen is a more recent Norwegian export..

Matthew wins the Knight Cup!

Matthew Forster wins the Knight cup with a very impressive 7/7. He also won the best performance in the entire league so dont feel too depressed for not keeping up with him.

Full results are below in the format - Name, score, played , %

Matthew Forster representing England

We may be taking a short break to improve our game but meanwhile Horsham players continue to play some great chess.

Matthew Forster is out in Serbia representing England with fellow Horsham junior Amy Hoare.

A couple of useful websites so you can follow progress:

End of 2012-13 Season

Well another season has finished and a big thank you to so many of you all...from the team captains to people putting away tables, chairs and sets.Above all a big thanks to everyone for good humour and excellent bonhomie ! I just hope next season will be as much fun as this one.

See you all again on Tuesday 3 September...enjoy the summer break.


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