Champion Simul 2014

I managed to overcome the assembled club members 12-7 in the annual simul last night, there was certainly plenty of high-quality opposition to keep me worried...

There were wins for Roger, James, Lucy, Tony and Mark H, with a particular note of congratulation for Roger whose piece sacrifice was far more dangerous than I anticipated and who thoroughly outplayed me. Also an honourable mention to John Ludlam who had me in desperate trouble for most of the simul only to be nobbled at the death.

The diagram shows one of the most entertaining games of the night, vs. Steve Alker on his first night at the club! I had grabbed a couple of pawns early on but Steve had plenty of active compensation and this double-edged position was reached. The game ended 1...Bxe4 2.dxe4 Qe5 3.Bf4 Nxe4+ 4.Ke3! and amazingly there are no useful checks. The "steel king" ensures White reaches a won endgame the exchange up.

Result for each player shown by their name:

1/2 Mark Baldock
0 John Ludlam
0 Oliver Thorne
1 Lucy Bennet-Stevens
0 David Gray
1 Tony Hewitt
1 Mark Hewitt
0 Richard Hewitt
1/2 Mick Harris
1/2 John Marshall
0 Roy Page
0 Steve Alker
1 Roger Waddingham
1/2 Paul Taylor
0 Brian Howard
0 Nick Warren
1 James Mansson
0 Dick Newman
0 Peter Harbott

Horsham Champion 12-7 Horsham Club