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Free Chess Magazines

Money for Nothing

Money for nothing...and Chess for free...

Those very nice people at Chess Magazine have provided the club with a number of free copies and I will be handing them out this Tuesday to anyone who would like one.

Free Chess Magazines??? Honestly ??? Yes - absolutely no catch at all :)

Mike Forster wins Lightning


Congratulations to Mike Forster who snatched the title in a tense final game having drawn at first with James Mansson. Paul Taylor came third with Chris Heath fourth...more to follow tomorrow...

There were a total of 32 players and we all had some fun. Like others I managed to blunder a rook and end up drawing a position three pawns up!

Thanks for everyone for making a special effort to get their earlier than usual and I hope you all had the opportunity to play some different people.

Lightning Competition


We have an impressive turnout for Tuesday night with 33 players already confirmed. In view of this I would be grateful if you can make every effort to arrive around 7.30pm so we can start at the earliest opportunity following the draw.

There will be four groups and we will draw from four similarly graded players so that the groups are of equal strength. The winner of each group will play in the final stages with the players seeded according to their performance in the group stage.

Horsham 4 top the 3rd division!

The Horsham 4th team had a great end to the season with their re-arranged final match against Haywards Heath 2 last night. I won’t go into detail about the games as we seriously out graded them on all boards but a 4.5 – 0.5 win gives us the top place in the division.

Thanks to everyone who played for us this year and 2nd division here we come! :O)

Runners-up position on tie break for Horsham 3

In our last match of the season, Horsham 3 drew 2.5 - 2.5 with Woodpushers 1 to finish joint top of the league on points. However on tie-break we scored fewer game points than Brighton 2 and have to settle for the runners-up position.
Nevertheless Horsham 3 are entitled to promotion to Division 1 where they would join Horshams 1 & 2. Altogether a very satisfactory season for us. I am grateful for all the support and efforts of the members who played for us this season.
Match details :

Lightning May 12


The lightning approaches - just ten seconds per move all evening ...headache guaranteed!

Please let me know whether you can or cant attend so that we can start as quickly as possible on the night.

We will try to start at 7.30pm as usual.

My apologies for orginally titling this article with June 23 - the MSL AGM was on mind ! Lightning is definitely May 12

Horsham 2 win to remain in Division 1 next year

A close home win against Hastings 2 sees us safe...

The Death's Head Chess Club

Book called The Death's Head Chess Club

I receive many strange emails through the web site. Most of them involve foreign gentleman who require investment in order to be able to free up millions ... the rest mainly relate to pills offering all sorts. Imagine my interest when I got a request from a publishing house to review this book.

Horsham 3 - First loss of the season puts title in jeopardy.

Horsham (3) 1.5 -- Worthing (2) 3.5
Our defeat against a strong Worthing team (who now finish 3rd) means only a win in our final game against Woodpushers 1 next Wednesday will see us take the league title as champions.
Game results were :
(153) Chris Heath draw Peter Larwood (167)
(150) Nick Warren 0 - 1 Rakesh Nair ((163)
(150) Bob Lanzer draw Nick Skinner (158)
(146) John Marshall 0 - 1 Cassie Graham (138)
(143) Mick Harris draw David Wallis ( 117)

Tune in same time next week to see the outcome of our thrilling season !

Horsham 4 get hammered 4-1 by Uckfield 1

It doesn’t make for great reading but the games were much closer than the final score line.


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