Horsham 1 draw with Horsham 2 in the Mid-Sussex League

The Mid-Sussex League season started for Horsham 1 and Horsham 2 last night with a closely-contested match between the two sides. Horsham 2 managed to cause an upset by holding Horsham 1 to a draw.

Paul Taylor's early win against Mick Harris was followed by draws in Lock - Forster, Stimpson - Higgs and Comley - Roberts. The final game to finish was my encounter against Peter Harbott. Early on, I managed to refute Peter's dubious opening and emerge a pawn up. However, some weak play immediately afterwards, followed by an outright blunder, gave him the chance to take control with a strong tactical blow. This he did, and although I tried hard to wriggle out, he managed to consolidate his position and secure the win.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Board Horsham 1 Result Horsham 2
1 Gavin Lock (202) Draw Mike Forster (181)
2 James Mansson (196) 0-1 Peter Harbott (168)
3 Phil Stimpson (174) Draw Anthony Higgs (164)
4 Dix Roberts (173) Draw Ian Comley (161)
5 Paul Taylor (176) 1-0 Mick Harris (151)


Anthony Higgs's picture

A great result for my team, I can't remember the last time the 2nd team took any match points from the 1sts although John will probably know!