Horsham 3 gain a convincing win over Lewes 2

Mick Harris reports:

Horsham 3 gained a convincing win over the visiting Lewes 2 last night.

John Cannon accepted a Kings Gambit and never looked in trouble, whilst Mick Harris found a Kingside onslaught from an Open Sicilian to be decisive.

Next, Richard Moorhouse wrapped up a neat win of a piece and the game, and John Marshall secured the match with excellent endgame play. Last to finish was Nick Warren who was down to a Bishop and Pawns endgame – but his opponent’s passed pawn proved too much.

We have had a fine start in the League with three straight wins,but are still to face some huge fixtures ! Well done and thank you to all involved.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Board Horsham 3 Result Lewes 2
1 Mick Harris (151) 1-0 James Pullan (152)
2 John Cannon (148) Draw Matthew Britnell (138)
3 John Marshall (146) 1-0 Richard Welford (137)
4 Nick Warren (135) 0-1 Keith Osborne (126)
5 Richard Moorhouse (135) 1-0 Andrew Mayer (122)