Horsham 5 match against Uckfield 2 in the balance

Roger Waddingham reports on the Horsham 5 vs Uckfield 2 match from last Tuesday:

It's in the balance. A stirling win by our 'secret weapon', Matthew, who showed good endgame skill in a balanced encounter. Two other losses and a draw from Mark Baldock that was oh so close to being a win. Finally, board 1 has been adjourned, with some hope of claiminmg a win according to Richard Barrowclough. This would gain us a hard won, and much needed, half point.

UPDATE: A draw was agreed on board one, leaving the result 3-2 in Uckfield 2's favour.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:

Board Horsham 5 Result Uckfield 2
1 Richard Barrowclough (113) Draw Brian Stockham (128)
2 Mark Baldock (111) Draw Simon McDonald (123)
3 Peter Helliwell (-) 0-1 Peter Weston (113)
4 Tony Locke (93) 0-1 Artur Mieczkowski (-)
5 Matthew Forster (81) 1-0 Michael Stockham (86)