Mid Sussex Chess League starts for Horsham

Our Mid Sussex season starts off in style on Tuesday with Horsham 1 v Horsham 2 and Horsham 4 v Horsham 5...good luck to all 20 players participating!

I have had a few queries about who is in which team...it is not quite as simple as that as we often find players competing in more than one team - sometimes even three!

I still thought it might be helpful to show how we stand right now:
1. Lock, Mansson, Roberts (capt),Stimpson, Taylor
2. Forster,Harbott, Higgs (capt), Comley, Heath
3. Harris (capt), Cannon, Marshall, Lanzer (away only), Warren, Moorhouse
4. Nkomo, Fletcher, Denning, Draper, Britton (capt)
5. Barrowclough, Waddingham (capt), Locke, Baldock, Whitmore, Matthew Forster, Newman, Wilby, Helliwell, Paul Richardson, Guy Turvey, John Ludlam