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Further to Ian's post below celebrating Horsham 2's achievement, it looks like we are also Division 4 champions, as Horsham 6 upset Hastings 4 in dramatic style to hand Horsham 5 the division title...

With Horsham 5's last match vs Crowborough ending up as a draw (soon to be confirmed officially I believe), Hastings needed just a draw or better against Horsham 6 to top the division. Things were swung even further in their favour by a defaulted bottom board for Horsham and the usual long journey down there.

Tony Hewitt reports what happened next:

"On the night, in order, Mark Hewitt won, then Richard Hewitt won, then I won, and we went upstairs to celebrate leaving Mark B to win as well. So a 4-1 win and I'm obviously so proud of the Hewitts all winning. Richard's first win for Horsham as well. For myself, that was by far my best game of the season."

I've spoken to Horsham 5 captain Dave Britton tonight and he said the news has made his week. I reckon he owes Mark B a pint in the Shovel...


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What a great result for the team and honour all round in the Hewitt household!

Thanks for Tony for getting the news around so quickly (I was so busy at work yesterday and went to see the Manic Street Preachers in Brighton last night!) - Tony is now officially H6 vice-captain! He has every right to be proud of Richard and Mark - they played calmly, professionally and ground out their wins in quite complex endings - a bit like my team Chelsea against PSG on the same night ... but that'a another story. Also many thanks to all the other HG players over the seasaon - you know who you are - I will be emailing you separately.

Proud of you all - you are a credit to the Club

Thanks again


PS and yes Dave does owe a pint ... to all of us!