Horsham 6

Horsham 6 Notch Up Another Win

The 6th team were victorious in their home match against Woodpushers 2 last night, winning by 3.5 - 1.5. Oliver Thorne and Richard Hewitt each won on the lower boards against noticeably higher-graded opponents. Peter Helliwell provided the 3rd win on board 3, while I had a draw on board 1. Roger Waddingham, alas, went down to a counter-attack from what had seemed a strong position.

Horsham 6 reach the mid-season point in a strong position, having now scored 4 out of 5 in MSL Division 4.

The full match results were:

Breaking news...

Further to Ian's post below celebrating Horsham 2's achievement, it looks like we are also Division 4 champions, as Horsham 6 upset Hastings 4 in dramatic style to hand Horsham 5 the division title...

Horsham 6 v Worthing 4


Last night saw Horsham 6 host a MSL Division 4 match against Worthing 4 and what a hard fought match it proved. At the time of writing the position is …

1. Baldock M ?-? Crompton P
2. Whitmore G ?-? Guinness K
3. Hewitt T ?-? Pople D
4. Hewitt M ½-½ Bradley D
5. Hewitt R 0-1 Haworth K

Horsham 6 beat Div. 4 league leaders – 3-2!

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Last night saw Horsham 6 compete in our first away game of the season (not counting the first game against Horsham 5!).

Our opponents …. the formidable Brighton & Hove 5 team, the current leaders of Div 4 who had easily won their first 2 matches. But was last night going to be their night? No, it wasn’t! From being down 0-2 (by about 9:30pm) Horsham 6 duly ground out hard fought wins on the 3 remaining boards securing the all important match victory at 10:45pm.

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