BRIGHTON ROCK(ed) -- by Horsham 3 !!

Time and tide wait for no man....
A trip to Hove for a crunch match, provided a sensational evening. This was the final match of the season for Brighton 2. With 6.5 points from 7 games, a win would see them become League champions with promotion to Division 1 as the prize.
Horsham 3,unbeaten with 5/5, were warmly welcomed,as familiar faces settled down to battle it out. Brighton significantly out-graded Horsham on every board (see teams below).
Mick tried a sacrificial attack, but excellent defence trapped his queen - and Horsham were 1 down.
Bob seemed to be holding in an even endgame until Robin cleverly found a zugzwang that won a crucial pawn, and the game. Now 2 - 0 to Brighton with no clear winning opportunities for Horsham.
However, all 3 Brighton players were struggling on time.... !
Tim was our first hero, who in true Romantic style had opened with a King's Gambit, and although a pawn to the good the game looked very drawish...until, with one eye on his clock, Mustapha found his Knight lured to the corner of the board and subsequently trapped... 2 - 1 with 20 minutes to go.
Nick 'The destroyer' Warren with only a Rook, pawns and opposite coloured Bishop on the board changed a dead draw into an opportunity, as a time-harassed Paul allowed a mating net which forced the loss of his Rook - and the game ... 2 - 2 !
Attention switched to Board 2 where Callum had 2 minutes (Chris had 5) for 18 moves to meet the time control. A frenzied scramble (and some cool play by Chris) saw Callum reach the time control with 2 seconds to spare ! Chris had picked up a Rook on move 41 as Callum went for a perpetual check and the half point that would halve the match.
Both sides started to analyse the final position, and whilst it looked like there was no forced Perpetual, it was decided to let the Silicone Engines have the final word.
The outcome was a clear win for Chris and a 3 - 2 match result in Horsham's favour !
Brighton 2 will still get their promotion -- but Horsham 3 can win the League if they achieve one point from their 2 remaining games on 21 April and 29 April.
Full Result :
(178) Mustapha Othman 0 - 1 Tim Pavlovic (159)
(166) Callum Brewer 0 - 1 Chris Heath (153)
(159) Robin Jones 1 - 0 Bob Lanzer (150)
(159) Paul Selby 0 - 1 Nick Warren (150)
(154) Michael Hamilton 1 - 0 Mick Harris (143)


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Is this a new player? ;)

Seriously, well done to all concerned, a great result!

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Well done to the third team!