Horsham 2 unlucky at Crowborough

Well, it slipped my mind to post a report of this one (played 23rd Jan vs Crowborough 1) so here is a short summary of what I can remember...

Paul seemed to have a decent position with White on board 3, but it petered out and he ended up losing. Ian looked to be a safe pawn up on board 5 until Black's very last move which won a piece. I ended up by transposition on the Black side of a Maroczy Bind for the first time since about 1995 and managed to hold a pawn-down rook endgame on board 2. Phil played a complex game on board 1 which I feel he was unlucky to get nothing from in results terms. Roy continued his excellent season for us with a win on board 4 in a queen and pawn endgame (tablebase mate in 41!).

A strange match where we looked in control at the halfway point but in the end a win for the home team.

P.D. Kemp 1-0 P. Stimpson
R.V. Elliston 1/2-1/2 A.R.J. Higgs
J.A.N. Lawrence 1-0 P. Taylor
D. Liu 0-1 R.D. Page
G. Michaud 1-0 I.S. Comley

3.5-1.5 to Crowborough.