Horsham 1 maintain 100% record

A report on behalf of Dix, seeing as I played in this one. Horsham 1 continue their winning ways at the expense of Hastings 1...

On board 2 Mike finished first with a solid draw against Howard Tebbs. Mike's queenside expansion was countered in the centre and honours were even. On board 5 I sacrificed a pawn for not much against Paul Kelly. He consolidated but then took too long preparing an f-pawn advance and I broke through the queenside with a mating attack when he overlooked a tactic. On board 4 Peter missed Jerry Anstead's tactic winning bishop & knight for rook and he gradually got ground down in the late middlegame.

On board 1 Gavin started razzing his g & h pawns down the board, clearly in an attempt to convince me of the merits of the French. He had a good position against Francis Rayner but the complexities took their toll on the clock for both players and a draw was agreed. Finally Dix won the exchange against John Sugden and converted this in a winning endgame where White's forces were almost paralysed at the end.

G.R. Lock 1/2-1/2 F. Rayner
M.C. Forster 1/2-1/2 H. Tebbs
D.N. Roberts 1-0 J.N. Sugden
P. Harbott 0-1 J. Anstead
A.R.J. Higgs 1-0 P.J. Kelly

3-2 to Horsham overall.