A game of 2 halves - and a win in extra time for Horsham 3

Horsham 3 recently hosted Brighton and Hove 3 and despite being caught offside on a couple of occasions, ran out 3-2 winners. Ian and Nick, both with the Black pieces, were outplayed to leave us 0 - 2 before half time.
The second half was hard fought and saw Tim and Chris, both with the White pieces -- and almost identical attacks following their Closed Sicilian openings -- slowly gain ground. Chris won a piece late on, and Tim turned a solid draw into an excellent win. 2-2
Mick threw away a clear opening advantage and was lucky to win an exchange later on which probably decided the end game. B & H had a long look at the final position, before deciding not to go for adjudication.
The result gives us a 2/2 record and our next match is v The Args in January.

Ian Comley 0 - 1 Paul Selby
Tim Pavlovic 1 - 0 Nwadko Hussein
Nick Warren 0 -1 Dona Strauss
Chris Heath I - 0 Jan Ten Sythoff
Mick Harris 1 - 0 Michael Cain