Horsham 3 update -- 2 more wins !

During your correspondent's extended break, Horsham 3 powered to two more comprehensive wins.

Argumentatives 1.5 -- 3.5 Horsham. Wins on top and bottom boards and three draws secured our
victory. Despite being outgraded on the top 3 boards, Roy Page won a fine game against Peter Farr (179), Chris Heath easily held Jim Graham (166) and Nick Warren drew with Paul Kington (152).

Horsham 4 - 1 Crowborough 2
This match went the distance with John Marshall's draw being the only result with 20 minutes remaining. Bob Lanzer met stubborn resistance but meticulously converted a pawn advantage to the exchange up and a crushing win. Next, Nick Warren forced his opponent's pieces into stagnation in the Queenside corner before switching to the kingside and forcing a very pretty mating net with his Rook and Bishop.
Crowboro' were in real time trouble on board 1where 'Cool Hand' Tim P broke through to win a very tense game. Last to finish was Chris Heath playing on Board 2 against Crowboro's 11 year old prodigy (who drew with Dix in the Div 1 match) and the Guioco Piano opening Chris played turned out anything but a 'Quiet Game' with only White castling (queenside) at about move 30 and Black never moving his king frim its starting square. Crowboro eventually offered the draw - with Chris in a marginally better position.
Great results -- well done everybody !

T Pavlovic (159) 1-0 J Lawrence (159)
C Heath (153) Draw Amardip Ahluwalia (152)
N Warren (150) 1 - 0 G Salmon (133)
R Lanzer (150) 1 - 0 Chris Dunn
J Marshall (146) Draw Caroline Campion (113