Horsham 1 continue winning ways

We were able to field our strongest team away to Worthing on Monday night, which meant I didn't get into it! Over to Mark B to explain what happened...

Mark writes:

On Monday Horsham 1 had a pleasing 3.5 – 0.5 win over Worthing. While the Worthing team is not quite as strong as in previous years, they still fielded a very competitive side so this was an excellent win.

James as White on Board 3 was the first to finish, with a convincing win. His opponent slightly misplayed his Sicilian defence and James quickly built up a strong attack. Black managed to bail out an exchange down for a pawn, but with a significantly under-developed queenside, White quickly converted.

Mark as Black on Board 2 was next to finish; he faced a well-known piece sacrifice in the Petroff, and in a double-edged position his opponent, Dave Graham, allowed a move which led to a tactical sequence which favoured Black and White’s position became lost quite quickly. Dave and Mark are good friends who have played many times, Dave having the edge, so a Black win was a good result.

Gavin with White on top board faced a strong new Board 1 for Worthing, Russell Granat. This was a strategic battle with neither side gaining the ascendency and it became hard for either side to make meaningful progress, with Black having an extra pawn but a set of (secure) isolated tripled pawns, so a draw was agreed.

Mike as Black on Board 4 was the last to finish, facing an unambitious White position which took a lot of breaking down. He outplayed his opponent to reach a technically drawn rook and three pawns versus rook and two pawns. It still required accurate play to hold for White and despite good defence Mike kept up the pressure and as the position became more difficult his opponent overstepped the time limit to complete the 3.5-0.5 win.

R.G. Granat 1/2-1/2 G.R. Lock
D.B. Graham 0-1 M. Broom
A Hedger 0-1 J.C. Mansson
P. Larwood 0-1 M.C. Forster