Horsham Derailed

Derailed train

Congratulations to Woodpushers for beating Horsham resoundingly.

1. Ian Comley 169 lost to Roger Hutchings 164
2. Paul Richardson 148 drew with Andy Briggs 150
3. Nick Warren lost to Julian Clark 148
4. Mick Harris drew with Juju Samworth-Calvier 129

Woodpushers had white on odd boards having won the toss. Horsham had to substitute the intended John Marshall after being 45 minutes delayed due to train strikes...although he then arrived within a couple of minutes of the substitution.

Many thanks to both John for making heroic efforts to play and also for Mick Harris stepping in and managing a draw despite starting with a 45 minute deficit.

The most fascinating tussle was Nick's fight on board 3 where despite being a couple of pawns behind he managed to generate excellent counterplay and sometimes seemed as though he was about to break through. In the end his opponent fought through to success.