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Paul Watson Trophy

Completing my trilogy of over-due reports, is one on the County Association's Paul Watson Trophy. Alas, our participation was short and not sweet! We faced an opening match against East Grinstead. Although we out-rated them on the top 3 (out of 4) boards, we went down to a 1 - 3 defeat. My thanks to Roger Waddingham, who stood in for me at short notice after I'd tested positive for covid.

Horsham Through to Final of Paul Watson Trophy!

Followers of the fortunes of teams I've captained in either this competition or the MSL Knock Out over the past several years should probably have been advised to sit down before reading that headline. However, the chess gods finally looked favourably on us last night as we hosted Woodpushers.

With 7 teams in the competition this season, Horsham had a bye in the first round and only entered at the semi-final stage. Matches are between teams of 4 with an average grade not exceeding 150.

Horsham Derailed

Derailed train

Congratulations to Woodpushers for beating Horsham resoundingly.

1. Ian Comley 169 lost to Roger Hutchings 164
2. Paul Richardson 148 drew with Andy Briggs 150
3. Nick Warren lost to Julian Clark 148
4. Mick Harris drew with Juju Samworth-Calvier 129

Woodpushers had white on odd boards having won the toss. Horsham had to substitute the intended John Marshall after being 45 minutes delayed due to train strikes...although he then arrived within a couple of minutes of the substitution.

Paul Watson Victory

The team did a fantastic job in their match against Lewes last week. The overall team must average 150 or under and we managed a varied but dynamic team which produced an excellent result.

Lewes 1-3 Horsham

James Pullan (w) 0-1 Tim Pavlovic (b)
Danny Brooks (b) 0-1 Paul Richardson (w)
Barry Maufe (w) 1-0 Nick Warren (b)
Andrew Mayer (b) 0-1 John Marshall (w)

Paul Watson Trophy Exit

Horsham welcomed Lewes on Tuesday 7th April in the semi-final of the Paul Watson Trophy. This competition requires each team of 4 players to have an average (start of season) grading of 150. The two teams were evenly matched with Horsham’s average 149 against Lewes’s 147.

Paul Watson Trophy Win

Horsham had a convincing victory away at Haywards Heath in the preliminary round of the Paul Watson Trophy last night, winning 4-0. This competition is for teams of 4 players with an average grading of 150 or less.

The games finished in Board number order ! On Board 1, Peter defended precisely with the black pieces against a sacrificial attack and emerged a rook up for two pawns and his opponent duly resigned. I was assisted by my opponent’s reluctance to castle which lead to him giving up the exchange in order to get his king to safety.

Paul Watson trophy - Horsham in final!


Horsham were away against Haywards Heath and came away with an excellent result to allow them to move to the the finals with confidence.

The results with Home team Black on board 1 were:
P Harbott (163) 1 – 0 V Cole (172)
M Harris (146) 0 – 1 G Ewens (160 e)
C Heath (146) 1 – 0 R Rattray (131) 0
R Moorhouse (140) ½-1/2 – D Curtis (124) 0
Total Grading: 595 – 587
Result Horsham 2.5 – Haywards Heath 1.5

Horsham win the Paul Watson Trophy !

Last night (7 May) Horsham visited Lewes to play the final of the Paul Watson trophy. This is a 4 board competition with a maximum Team total grading of 600 – and a Quickplay time limit. The gradings worked out practically identical,so a close result was likely.

New Match Dates and Horsham Finalists of Sussex Trophy!

Mick Harris (3rd team and Paul Watson captain) writes:

Last Tuesday’s match at home to Woodpushers 1 was cancelled because of the weather. This has been re-arranged for Tuesday 02 April – the only clash appears to be domestically - the KO final and Plate.

I have offered dates of Tues 09 April and Tues 30 April to Uckfield 1 who are also due to play us, as they were unable to raise a team earlier in the season. No response yet received.

Finally, we have reached the Final of the Paul Watson trophy and will be AWAY to Lewes on Tuesday 07 May.

Horsham defeat St Francis and Haywards Heath in the Paul Watson Trophy

Mick Harris reports:

Horsham had an excellent win over St Francis & Haywards Heath in the semi final of the Paul Watson Cup.
Despite some manoeuvring with grades by the opponents we went through with good wins from Richard Moorhouse, Nick Warren and Mick Harris.
We will play either Lewes or Hastings in the final.

The results of the individual games are given in the table below:


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